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Monthly Archives: June 2012


Are Unmarried Couples Living Together Entitled to Any Rights Enjoyed by Married Couples?

In a survey done by Pew and Time magazine in 2010 of 2,691 Americans, 40% of those polled believed that marriage is obsolete—an attitude displayed by the rising prevalence of unmarried couples who are cohabitating. Individuals who have lived with their partners for a long period of time may wonder whether they are entitled to the same (or at least

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Courts Can Order the Payment of Health and Education Expenses for Special Needs Children

According to the March 29, 2012 issue of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, about one in eighty-eight American children has autism spectrum disorder, making autism more common than previously thought. Extensive behavioral therapy—not always covered by insurance—often leads to improvement in mild cases of autism. Unfortunately, during a family law action, parents

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