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Protecting Your Financial Future After Your Divorce

One of the major points of contention during a divorce proceeding involves child and spousal support. Support arrangements can last years and make a significant impact on the finances of both parties. Whether you are the party seeking support or the paying spouse, you need an experienced family law attorney to help protect your interests.

I founded Salick Family Law Group, APLC, in Century City after practicing family law at several large firms early in my career. I learned that many clients feel more comfortable working one-on-one with an attorney who provides them with personal attention and tailored legal strategies. When you work with me, I take the time to get to know you and your concerns. I ensure that my clients never feel left in the dark about the next steps in your case.

Experienced Child Support Guidance

The goal of child support orders is to improve the lives of the children and maintain the standard of living for the custodial parent. When the court orders one party to pay child support, it typically involves contributing to expenses relating to food, clothing, housing, education, medical care and other essential expenses.

In California, child support is calculated based on a number of factors, including:

I have immense experience assisting clients on both sides of child support cases. I have specific knowledge and experience with the County of Los Angeles Child Support Services Department, assisting clients with the IV-D program in cases involving enforcing child support orders.

Navigating Spousal Support Guidelines In California

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce is the massive change to your financial future. If you and your spouse both worked, you may be used to a dual income, or one party completely supported the other. In California, the higher-earning spouse typically pays support to the other. Courts will consider different factors in calculating spousal support to help maintain the other spouse.

California courts consider numerous factors in determining spousal support, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity
  • Current income
  • Debts and assets of each spouse
  • Educational contributions
  • Health of both parties
  • Education of both parties

California has four types of spousal support available: temporary, rehabilitative, permanent and reimbursement. Temporary support lasts until the finalization of the divorce. In situations where one spouse stays home, and the other works, rehabilitative support is awarded to help with living costs while they acquire a new job or education. Reimbursement support compensates one spouse when they helped pay for the other’s education. The court will only award permanent support to couples who were married for a minimum of ten years.

Advocating For Your Interests And Protecting Your Future

After your divorce, your financial future may be unclear. Whether you need assistance requesting child or spousal support or you are the paying party, you need an experienced attorney to advocate for your interests and ensure that your rights are protected. To schedule a consultation and learn more about how I can help you, call me at 310-765-2894 or complete my online contact form.