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Helping You Confidently Navigate Your Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process. Even an amicable divorce can cause tension and heartache for you and your family. During this challenging time, you need an attorney who will listen to you, pay attention to the details and fight aggressively when necessary. At Salick Family Law Group, APLC, I give my clients the one-on-one attention they need and frank, to-the-point advice that helps them navigate the stressful California divorce process.

I have focused my entire legal career on family law. Having previously worked for large law firms, I understand how frustrated clients can get with the slow process and lack of individualized attention. When I founded Salick Family Law Group, APLC, I dedicated my practice to ensuring that my clients feel comfortable and taken care of throughout their cases. I fight for my clients using my extensive knowledge and relentless dedication. From my office in Century City, I can help clients throughout Los Angeles County.

Providing A Wide Range Of Divorce Services

Divorce is more than just ending a marriage. It also has consequences for financial, insurance, real estate, child custody and other crucial areas of your life. Having spent my career in family law, I have seen first-hand the emotional and psychological ramifications of divorce. When you need help in these nonlegal areas, I can connect you with some of Southern California’s most exceptional and respected professionals.

I can help you with a variety of divorce cases and related concerns, including:

  • Uncontested divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Gray divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Special-needs considerations for minor children
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of property and debt
  • Domestic violence restraining orders
  • Enforcement of orders

To aid in the resolution of your divorce case, it may become necessary to hire one or more experts, such as a forensic accountant, vocational examiner, custody evaluator, mental health professional, private investigator, real property appraiser and custody-related monitoring services. I have a vast network of connections with professionals in these areas to ensure all of your needs are met in a professional, cost-effective manner.

Same-Sex Divorce In California

Same-sex divorces have the same concerns and processes as straight couples. However, some differences can make your situation more complicated. While same-sex marriage is legal in California, that is not the case in other states. If you got married outside of the state or abroad, you may face more challenges.

When it comes to property division and child custody arrangements, out-of-state individuals may face difficulties enforcing the divorce terms due to differing state laws. At Salick Family Law Group, APLC, I am very familiar with the same-sex divorce process in California and can help you navigate the challenges you may face.

It Is Never Too Late To End Your Marriage

Divorces later in a couple’s life come with unique considerations and challenges. One main concern in divorces that occur later in life is property division. With more marital assets than a younger couple, valuation and division are much more complicated. For example, investments and retirement accounts for older spouses are often already utilized and used as a primary source of income.

Not every family law attorney has experience assisting with divorces later in life. You need legal representation that is familiar with the challenges you may face. At Salick Family Law Group, APLC, I will thoroughly review your case to help you fight for the most favorable outcome.

Helping You Start Your New Future

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging periods of your life. Aside from ending your marriage, you may have to find a new home, see your children less and make significant financial changes. You need an attorney to stand by your side and fight for your best interests. At Salick Family Law Group, APLC, I provide personable, thoughtful attention to every client. Call me at 310-765-2894 or complete my online contact form to schedule a consultation at my Century City office.