A Trusted Advocate For Family Law Concerns

Effective, Efficient Litigation Consulting

Litigation can become extremely expensive and time-consuming. As the founding attorney at Salick Family Law Group, APLC, I can provide you with the advice and guidance, so you will be able to competently navigate through the nuances of family law, whether you are litigating, mediating, or negotiating one-on-one with the other party.

How I Can Help You Through Your Legal Matter

If you and your spouse want to divorce but either lack the time to do it yourselves or just do not want to spend the money on attorneys, for a flat-fee plus filing fees I can process your divorce case from start to finish.

If you started in the court system on your own but feel you need guidance along the way, or are pursuing mediation and feel you need legal advice so you know your rights and areas of exposure, I can advise you through the process and provide you with samples, support calculations, legal authority and strategies so you can proceed with confidence.

Sometimes litigants need a second opinion to make sure their legal representation is diligently advocating for them. As an experienced family law lawyer, I have been litigating family law cases since I first started practicing law, so you can rest assured that a complete assessment of your case will be conducted.

If you believe your family law attorney needs assistance preparing or litigating your matter, I can co-counsel in to handle one or several areas of the case. And if you need advice and guidance through the mediation process, I am here for you. If your company, entity or business venture has suddenly found itself entangled in a family law case, such as being served with a subpoena for an employee’s records, and you lack the time or resources to handle it on your own, your company and its officers, employees, contractors and vendors have rights which need protection. I can protect those rights and provide guidance, advice and handle the communications with the attorneys and the court.

I Am Your Legal Advocate

As an experienced family law attorney, I can help you find viable solutions to your legal concerns. Call Salick Family Law Group, APLC, at 310-765-2894 or fill out my online form to schedule time to discuss your case.